Last Update: 7-24-2007 4:04:25 PM
University Bookstore
The mission of the Louisiana Tech Bookstore is to serve in a professional manner, as a support unit, to assist the University’s mission in providing and outstanding educational experience for all qualified students in a clean, attractive, and well-maintained facility. The bookstore supports and enhances the University’s mission and Division of Student Affairs mission by providing excellent customer service and serving as a competitively-priced campus retail outlet for educational materials, supplies, and related items for students, faculty, staff, alumni and the public.
Theme 2
Integrating learning, discover, and development for an unparalleled education
Primary Strategy 2.1
Identify external and internal stakeholders to enhance the effectiveness of programs and services offered.
Primary Strategy 2.2
To enhance our educational support role by maintaining the largest inventory of used books possible.