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Student Activities
The Department of the Student Center complements the University experience outside the classroom by providing facilities, programs, and services for student organizations, university departments, and the surrounding community.

1. Facilities include meeting and program rooms, gathering places, Union Board, SGA, Spirit Groups, and KLPI office space, student organization mailboxes, media and technical services, and administrative office space. Also, the Student Center, Kennel, and dining areas serve as a home base for commuter students.

2. Programs include leisure recreational opportunities at the Bulldog Kennel, social, cultural, and intellectual programs presented by the Union Board, SGA, mulicultural organizations, spirit groups, religious organizations, and the Center itself.

3. Services include university program information, facility scheduling, making of posters, and vending in the Kennel.

4. The Department offers students active learning experiences in citizenship, leadership, and responsibility through the 150+ student organizations on campus. Student organizations cover the gambit of students' professional and personal interests and allow opportunities for student growth through participation. Students also participate and share leadership through involvement in the Student Organizations Committee and the Behavioral Standards Committee.

5. The Department provides students opportunities for employment and management through office student workers and graduate assistantships of the facilities.
Theme 1
Recruiting and retaining a model student body and university community
Primary Strategy 1.1
Recruit and retain a selective and diverse student population to join the Union Board, Student Government Association, and KLPI.
Primary Strategy 1.2
Collect data to assess the level of involvement and the impact it has on the education of our students and student satisfaction.
Primary Strategy 1.3
Recruit and retain a selective and diverse student population to try out for the Louisiana Tech cheerleaders, dance team, and mascot positions
Primary Strategy 1.4
Recruit and retain a diverse student population to attend Formal Women's Recruitment in the Fall.
Theme 2
Integrating learning, discovery, and development for an unparalleled educational experience
Primary Strategy 2.1
Collect data to assess the level of services offered to students and the needs and impacts of those services on the education of the students and student satisfaction.
Primary Strategy 2.2
Unify student organizations to develop programs that meet the diverse needs of our student population.
Primary Strategy 2.3
Provide an opportunity for the SGA, Union Board, KLPI, Spirit Groups, and Panhellenic Council to obtain leadership training in their respective areas.