Last Update: 1-24-2008 2:10:52 PM
Recreational Facilities
The mission of Recreational sports is to enhance students' fitness and wellness, knowledge, personal skills, and enjoyment by providing:
-opportunities for a variety of activities tha may contribute to individual physical fitness and wellness;
-opportunities for cooperative and competitive play in scheduled games with official supervision;
-a medium through which students can learn and practice leadership, sportsmanship, management, program planning and interpersonal skills;
-access to quality facilities, equipment and programs;
-opportunities for students to expand and broaden their intellectual and recreational activities provided through trips outside the university environment
Theme 2
Integrating learning, discover, and development for an unparalleled education
Primary Strategy 1.1
Offer a greater variety of intramural programs to involve more students and promote our team sports.
Primary Strategy 2.1
Provide the facilities necessary to enhance the students, staff, and faculty's ability to improve their quality of life