Last Update: 6-9-2008 1:26:19 PM
Office of Intellectual Property & Commercialization
Encourage innovation, promote the development of inventions toward practical application for use by the general public, provide for the equitable distribution of income resulting from technology licensing, and assure that patent-related obligations to sponsors are met.
The Office of Intellectual Property and Commercialization (OIPC) serves as an educational and management resource on patent and licensing matters for the university. OIPC works closely with our faculty researchers to assess the commercial potential of their discoveries and inventions and develops strategies for protecting the valuable intellectual property assets of the university. It seeks industrial partners to commercialize the technology developed at Louisiana Tech for the benefit of society and negotiates all resulting license agreements on behalf of the university. Consistent with the University's commitment to economic development, the office pays particular attention to finding opportunities for regional economic development.