Last Update: 7-31-2007 9:25:37 AM
Office of Disability Services
The Office of Disability Services is committed to facilitating the self-advocacy of students with disabilities in order to experience full participation in all activities, prgrams and services of the University. The ODS serves as a resource center for the University community and acts as a liaison between students and faculty, as well as community agencies. Services and accommodations provided through the ODS are open to students qualifying documented learning, physical, or psychological disabilities.
Theme 1
Envision Louisiana Tech recruiting and retaining a model student body and university community.
Primary Strategy 1.1
Retaining disabled students capable of meeting admissions requirements by providing services necessary to acheive success.
Theme 2
Envision Louisiana Tech integrating learning, discovery, and development for an unparalleled education.
Primary Strategy 2.1
Provide specialized Academic programming for ODS registrants.
Primary Strategy 2.2
Provide specialized programming for coping mechanisms for disabilities.