Last Update: 1-16-2008 2:44:17 PM
Judicial Affairs and Traffic
The mission of the Office of Judicial Affairs is to provide programs that educate the student body as to behavioral expectations and assist in developing a philosophy that promotes respect for campus governance. The foundation for this program is the Code of Student Rights, Responsibilities, & Behavior which reflects the values of the University and protects the rights of students, faculty, and staff. It is the goal of the Office of Judicial Affairs to provide students the opportunity to be an integral part of the judicial system. This is accomplished through peer group adjudication and training as part of the judicial process.
Theme 1
Recruiting and retaining a model student body and university community
Primary Strategy 1
Educate the student body on appropriate individual and organizational standards
Theme 2
Integrating learning, discover, and development for an unparalleled education
Primary Strategy 2.1
Contribute to the learning and development of students through consistently enforced behavioral standards for individual students and student organizations.