Last Update: 8-8-2007 1:36:23 PM
Graduate School
The Graduate School offers the administrative structure, leadership, and guidance necessary to support graduate education at Louisiana Tech University. The staff members of the Graduate School work with the Vice President for Academic Affairs, the Graduate Council, the academic deans, and the graduate programs and faculty to help provide students with a superior educational and research environment within which to pursue rigorous, challenging, and relevant graduate and professional degrees.
Theme 1
Recruiting and retaining a model student body and university community.
Primary Strategy 1.1
Implement a comprehensive graduate student retention and graduation performance plan.
Primary Strategy 1.2
Recruit an increasingly selective and diverse graduate student body.
Primary Strategy 1.3
Ensure that Tech has a competitive graduate assistantship and scholarship program.
Primary Strategy 1.4
Aggressively pursue external funding that supports research projects and stipends for graduate students.
Primary Strategy 1.5
Develop and strengthen selected niche interdisciplinary graduate and research programs.