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College of Education
College of Education Vision and Mission
Our vision is the College of Education as an inclusive learning community renowned for fostering competent, ethical, and caring professionals who contribute significantly to a diverse and dynamic world through research, development, and application.
The College of Education’s mission statement has also recently been revised to better express how it is intended that the shared vision is to be attained in reality. The mission of the College of Education is to:

1. Provide high quality educational programs and experiences;

2. Enhance and extend the knowledge bases of developing professionals through research and other scholarly activities;

3. Extend the boundaries of knowledge through vigorous research and dissemination;

4. Collaborate within the university and with the broader community ; and

5. Provide professional services to the community.
Theme 1
Recruiting and retaining a model student body and university community.
Goal I.1
To maintain a high standard of quality students completing the College's programs
Goal II.1
To increase the diversity of graduate and undergraduate students enrolled in the College of Education
Goal II.3
To develop and maintain a competitive edge in enrollment
Theme 2
Integrating learning, discovery, and development for an unparalleled education
Goal I.2
To continually improve our programs
Goal IV.1
To obtain and make use of latest technologies
Goal IV.2
To increase technology integration into teaching and research
Theme 3
Elevating our research and graduate program to national prominence and expanding our engine for economic growth
Goal I.4
To establish additional College of Education doctoral progams
Goal III.5
The College of education will be recognized as a leader in key areas of research
Goal V.3
To develop funding for COE initiatives with community partners
College Programs
Bachelor's Programs
Agriculture Education (6-12)
Animal Science
Includes concentrations in Dairy; Equine Science; General Animal Science; Livestock Production; and Pre-Veterinary Medicine
Biology Education (6-12)
Business Education (6-12)
Chemistry Education (6-12)
Early/Elementary Education (PK-3)
Earth Science Education (6-12)
Elementary Education (1-5)
Elementary/Special Education
Health and Physical Education (K-12)
Kinesiology and Health Promotion
Mathematics Education (6-12)
Middle School Education - Mathematics/Science (4-8)
Molecular Sciences and Nanotechnology
Physics Education (6-12)
Special Education -Mild/Moderate
Program Objectives
Students who complete the journalism program will have a broad-based background, including being able to write quality news, feature, columns and other journalistic articles, which prepares them satisfactorily for the mass communication work force.
Doctoral Programs
Counseling Psychology
Curriculum and Instruction
Educational Leadership
Graduate Divison
Our DBA program equips graduates to become scholars in their disciplines and to think beyond traditional boundaries. Our graduate programs drive our mission to engage in disciplined-based scholarship that advances knowledge, improves management practice, and enhances business performance. This scholarship is both the foundation and stimulus of the College's commitment to excellence in instruction in our undergraduate and graduate programs.
Master's Degree Programs
Art Education
Counseling and Guidance
Curriculum and Instruction
Early Childhood Education (PK-3)
Educational Leadership
Educational Psychology
Elementary Education (1-5)
Health and Exercise Science
Health and Physcial Education
Industrial Organizational Psychology
Middle School Education - Mathematics (4-8)
Middle School Education - Science (4-8)
Music Education
Special Education - Mild/Moderate (1-12)
Teaching Blind Students